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BioIntense Nano 2 for 1


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STARTING TODAY….Juuva’s current stock of BIOINTENSE will be offered as a BOGO (Buy One Get One). For each BIOINTENSE you purchase, you will receive 2 for $73 and 70 PV (Autoship price). This is applicable for the 15 ML size. This stock does have a best buy date of September 27, 2019. Any orders (Autoship, Regular, Super Builder Pack, Enrollment), will reflect this promotion while supplies last. BioIntense™ with nano technology is a unique and luxurious blend of powerful antioxidants, collagen building proteins, and rich botanicals that rejuvenate your skin!

NOTICE! New Customer Service Number: 801-528-1894
Hours: 8am - 5pm MST Monday - Friday

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